Our mission for more than 20 years has been to provide boxing for everyone. Whatever your skill level or experience, our highly skilled coaching staff will provide you with diverse, challenging and fun workouts.

We believe training is your trophy and we’re here to help you earn it

Training is your trophy

We’ll be there every step of the way to help you earn it. Your first class is free, and you don’t need any experience to begin working out at Cappy’s!

Our Classes & Services

Introducing our new "Pay What You Can" membership rates! Accessibility is important to us. If you want to box, get in here. If you need stress release, get in here. We know our community is strong and generous. If you are able to pay more, you'll make it possible for others to pay less. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, EVERYONE IS VALUED. You choose your rate for one month unlimited in-gym and/or live streamed classes! Free/$50/$100/$150/$200/$250

Boxing Fitness

Mon-Fri 8:30AM, Noon, 5:30PM, 6:45PM Sat 8:30AM, 9:45AM, Noon Sun 9:45AM, 11:00AM

We sure miss seeing all of you in the gym, but until you make it back in, join any of the fitness classes via Zoom! We will live stream each class!

Virtual Group Workout

All the fitness classes will live streamed. Workout in the comfort of your own home!

One-on-one training with a coach will help you quickly improve your focus, footwork, stance and so much more. With personal attention and accountability.

Personal Coaching

On your schedule

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Community Events

4/18/20, 7:00 AM

Virtual Zoom Workouts

We sure miss seeing all of you in the gym!

But we DO want to see you, and to work out together, so we're trying something new -- like so many of us are during this time -- with Zoom workouts! We'll hold these workouts three times a week to start, and see how it goes! You can sign up for a monthly virtual workout membership on Zen Planner, then reserve your spot just like you do for all the other classes. These workouts are pay what you can, so feel free to choose to pay nothing, a little or a lot!

First workout is tomorrow morning at 9 am! Other workouts will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 am.

See you in the (virtual) gym!

“Kiril just made the Seattle United Select Soccer Club. He wanted to say thank you for all the training. His athleticism and coordination definitely improved after the Personal Coaching Sessions and Youth Program in the summer and early fall. He has been trying out for the last 3 years and finally made it this year.”

Philip and Kiril P.